Best places to buy altcoins

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Rohit Mishra

It is rightly said that the exchange you trade on defines your success as a trader, therefore, it’s really very important to choose which all exchanges you should be on.

In my short experience as a trader, I’ve used multiple platforms and websites. The following are the ones which have been the best (in decreasing order of priority)

  1. Binance – Most useful for trading altcoins which are new to the market.

    Binance lists most good coins when they’re launched early. Follow Binance on twitter, and keep updated on which coins they’re launching, research about them and buy early etc.

    I bought GVT at binance when it was trading at 2.5$ – it was trading yesterday at $7.87

    I bought $REQ at binance when it was trading at 0.053$ – now it’s trading at 0.2$ and it will go to 0.5$ in couple of weeks.

  2. Cryptopia – Very useful for capturing low marketcap altcoins – which have a very good probability of gaining value. I’ll suggest you putting some money there and have a lookout for any good coin.
  3. Bitfinex – This is one of the biggest exchanges based out of USA and has a very good UI/UX.

If you’re interested into Margin Trading –

  1. Bitmex – They’ve a strong team and a very secure platform. They give you 100x leverage on your deposits (which means you can margin buy 100 BTC when you have 1 BTC).
    You can sign up using my ref link here – Bitmex (and get 10% off your fee for first 6 months – limited period off)
  2. Bitfinex – Already mentioned above but a good platform to margin trade. Only con is that it gives you only 3X leverage on your deposits.

Thanks for seeing this. You can follow me on twitter and ask me anything regarding cryptocurrencies 🙂

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Siddhant Latiyan

India has more than 10 exchanges for Bitcoins.But there are only 1 or 2 which are providing multiple cryptocurrencies along with Bitcoins and most of them are risky and unauthorized or take a whole lot time.

SRAGY India’s best multiple cryptocurrencies exchange platform which offers the simplest way that you can find over internet to trade in Cryptocurrencies directly through INR.
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Raghav Aggrawal

Hello readers!!

Before you buy any coin, you need to buy ethereum/bitcoin first as you can only buy alcoins using eth/btc in most exchanges. No big cryptocurrency exchange provide service to directly buy alcoins using VISA/MASTERCARD or any other method.

You can buy ethereum or bitcoin from I would recommend you to buy ethereum as transaction of ethereum is much faster then bitcoin and ethereum have very less blockchain fees as compare to bitcoin.

After you brought ethereum, then transfer it to any of the following exchange below:

  1. Binance:
  2. Bittrex
  3. Poloniex

These three exchanges covers almost all altcoins. Choose the exchange according to availability of coins you want to buy.

Hope this helps!

Short answer…

For buying altcoins you can use following exchanges. These exchanges have good user interface, promotional events{you can earn more}, low fees, new small coins with huge potential. Below are my referral codes you can join from here to say thank you.

  1. kucoin Bitcoin Exchange: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, KCS
  2. Binance…

Ramesh Jain

Buying altcoins is easy but no direct method is available. You have to buy ether first and then exchange it for altcoin.

Here is the step by step visual guide to buy IOTA, however, whole process is same : – How to buy cryptocurrencies not available India with ether easily — Step by Step Guide

If you need any help, reply here!

Kotagiri Ravi Teja

If you want to buy any alt coin including bitcoin, etherium, litecoin, ripple, iota, neo etc, you may use this website binance, it’s easy and simple to buy sell and trade any cryptos. Click on this link to create an account and start trading with binance. Apart from this we have exchanges like changelly, shapeshift etc to convert from BTC to alt coins.

I find Binance the best option to trade in altcoins. It is quick to register. It just charges 0.01% as brokerage. It has no minimum deposit/withdrawal amount. It needs no verification upto 2 BTC/day which is very good for small traders. You can instantly start trading if you already have any form of cryptocurrency anywhere in the world.
Here is the link to Binance {{webtitle}} – {{‘binancetitle’| T}}

It is a fast growing community with over 1 million users while writing this answer and it has a good referral program too to earn some extra coins.

I hope this information helps. Happy trading!!

I recommend the following.

I buy thousands of dollars of Altcoins. I use the following method to buy Altcoins.

  1. I buy Dash, Bitcoin(High fees but price always rises), Ethereum or Zcash from CEX.IO you can pay with debit card or credit card from India.
  2. I usually send Etherum or Zcash to, it is a trusted exchange. It doesn’t require verification upto 2 BTC per day. Most of the altcoins are listed there.
  3. You can buy any altcoins from Binance.

I’m completely new to AltCoins and Bitcoins, I’m currently looking for the best bitcoin exchanges for 2018.

Everywhere I read that Coinbase is recommended because it is so easy to use and very secure, but then I see comments of users complaining that they’re still waiting to buy bitcoin because their ID has not yet been verified. I used Kucoin(got 4.2stars on cryptocompare) currently, I think the txperience is better than Binance.

Binance is the best for me. Here is my referral link:…